Genie in a Bottle

Genie in a Bottle


Every time I look at the now “old” packaging of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, cleverly duped UDPP, the Christina Aguilera lyrics to Genie In a Bottle start to escape my lips.

Not by choice, possibly the influence of the URBAN*DECAY, I have to fight the urge to break out into dance as I belt out the following:

If you wanna be with me, baby
There’s a price you pay
I’m a genie in a bottle
You gotta rub me the right way

The packaging was gorgeous, but as the lyrics suggested – it came with a price. In the beginning, everyone rubbed the packaging the right way, but as the product wore down, sure enough rubbing the right way became harder and harder.

Less than half of the product could be used before the container made it nearly next to impossible to use. Before URBAN*DECAY could say NO! NO! NO! women and men alike were taking their good kitchen knives to the container. I even made a video showing how I cut my UDPP in half. That’s how AMAZING this product is. YES! It’s so great, we’d risk cutting off our appendages to keep using it.

Finally, URBAN*DECAY caught on to all the pleas we made and came out with a new packaging. Now you get 25 mL more than the original packaging for about 25% more cost (new suggested retail is $45 USD). Honestly, price wise, I don’t mind. I am willing to pay for a product that is going to be easier to use and keeps my makeup in place all day long.

Thank you URBAN*DECAY for listening to the gripes, moans, and complaints of all of us. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated! Now hurry and do this with the other UDPP’s you have out.

Will YOU buy this when your current UDPP runs out? I will!

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