Simply submit it here. I am responding to every query I receive and of course, you are not under any circumstances obligated to take any of my advice if you disagree with it.
I love doing query critiques because I'm able to provide a new perspective on your query that possibly your CPs and other members of the writing community have not been able to help with. I offer query critiques randomly throughout the year (usually during the summer months since I'm out of school), but if you agree to let me post your query with my feedback on my blog, I'll do it year-round and for free! Just fill out the form here or send me your query at natashaneagle.assistant@gmail.com.
At the time of this posting, I do not hold any publishing contracts for my novels. Please subscribe to this site and my newsletter so you can find out any book-related news I have as soon as it happens!
I get asked this question A LOT. Especially by total strangers after they've fondled my cartoon sleeve AKA the 80s Sleeve of Awesome (sidebar: feeling up the arm of a perfect stranger in the middle of a bookstore because she has Rainbow Brite tattoo is not okay). I used to keep track of them when I had smaller ones, but when I began tattooing larger pieces like my sternum and arm, I gave up counting. If I count my sternum/chest piece and sleeve as one tattoo each, then I have thirteen-ish. Sorry, I realize I'm not much help.
With each of the agencies that have represented me, I queried them the old-fashioned way after doing my research. As much as I adore participating in Twitter and blog contests, I've never gotten offers out of them. Instead, I've gained CPs, Beta readers, and amazing friendships. #worthit The offers of representation I've received always came from me sending an email after finding out what that agent wants to represent. #MSWL is a wonderful place to start.
Just remember: Nay-gull like bagel and you'll never get it wrong again!