emerginC Lavender Toner

emerginC Lavender Toner


Do you have sensitive skin? How about oily? Combination? What about dry? Obviously, you have to fall into one of those categories and seeing that you do, the emerginC lavender toner is perfect for you.


Who Can Use It? 

It IS especially ideal for sensitive skin because of the mild all-natural ingredients used to soothe and calm or acne prone skin. 

Why Use It? 

Use it to restore your skin’s pH levels, while preventing loss of moisture and excessive bacterial growth.  


What’s Inside It? 

Lavender – Skincare products use lavender as trusted ingredient because of it’s history with healing. Knowing for calming and soothing skin, it also contains anti-allergenic properties. Thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory abilities, lavender is often used to treat sensitive or damaged skin. 

Green Tea – As well a being an anti-inflammatory, green tea is also an effective anti-bacterial agent. 

Other natural ingredients include: cornflower, chamomile, balm mint, calendula, azulene, magnolia, and witch hazel


Review Recap: 

  • Price: $29 USD
  • Availability: Found in leading spas Miraval (Tucson, AZ), Qua (Caesars Palace LV), The Spa at Wynn (Las Vegas), Carneros Inn & Spa (Napa Valley), and emerginc.com
  •  Selection: One size, 240 mL pump bottle.
  • Overall: This toner does everything it claims, if not more. It smells amazing, does not bother your skin, and even helps calm you at night to the point where you are eager to fall asleep.The only downside is that you can’t purchase it from your normal cosmetic center, making it a bit harder to find for those that may not purchase online.
  • Rating: A-



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