E.L.F. You Did IT Again!

Ok I admit it. I’
m a makeup snob. I like what I like. I just happen to like brands that are not cheap. Brands like MAC, Nars, MUFE, etc. The flipside of that is that I also like brands like Spell Cosmetics, Suds-n-Sass, and Beauty From the Earth. A brand I have tried in the past, but was left unsatisfied with was E.L.F.

I say this and then I post my second blog in a week on an E.L.F. product! What’s up with that? Well – as with my previous post regarding E.L.F. I had nothing but good things to say. I mean how much complaining can a person really do when the product only costs $1.

Once again, I owe props to my girl Lisa for sending me the Liquid Lipstick in Pink Grapefruit. I was immediately reminded of my Stila Lip Glaze when I applied it. The color went on smoothly, and strangely enough, I managed to pull for it all week over my Korres Lip Butter or NARS Lip Lacquer. The scent is not plastic-y or overwhelming. It’s a mix of vanilla and mint. The color does rub off over time, but since it only cost $1, I’m not going to be over upset over it, ya know.

I had shot down E.L.F. products long ago after placing an order and never receiving it all. That was my first and last experience with E.L.F. Knowing how much Kati loves makeup, I’ve wanted to buy her stuff to play with, knowing the quality is better than the “play” makeup out in the kids section. Not to mention cheaper. Now that they are selling E.L.F. in my Target, I will be more willing to replace this lipstick/gloss as well as my eyelash curler. People might find these frequently because they are great basic products for amazing prices.

So I just have to say THANKS E.L.F.! You did it again, and wow’d me. That’s not easy to do. Keep it up and you just might have a return customer!

What’s your favorite cheap product you can’t live without?


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