The novel is complete. Not only is it complete, it’s been edited by my handy dandy CP1. She wore her editing hat well as she suggested certain things be tightened to make DLS shine. It’s now in the hands of my Beta readers for Round 1. Once I receive their feedback, I will take any and all suggestions into consideration and make improvements as needed before moving to Round 2. I’m excited because I have published and unpublished, agented and unagented authors reading DLS to make sure it has that WOW factor, I tried so hard to achieve.


Something amazing happened before in my world last week. I was chatting with an agented friend of mine on twitter and her agent got involved in the conversation. She knew my MS wasn’t completed edited, but she was interested and wanted to read any polished pages I had. After fighting the urge to jump up and down kermit flailing, I sent her the first two chapters with my query. So, before I even started querying, I found an agent interested in reading. From what I understand, this is not something that happens, so you can bet I’m thankful she showed an interest. Now, I’m waiting to see what my Beta’s think of my full MS and what the agent thinks of the first two chapters I sent.

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