I have been a busy little bee.


In my mind, DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS has always been a series. As I write, I picture the events as if they were a movie or TV show (who knows, I’m a dreamer — maybe one day that will happen). I decided to sit down and write out what would happen next in the lives of Arissa and Erica. With the help of some amazing writing friends, I brainstormed one hell of a ride for them in book two.


The way I set this series up, I could go on and on torturing the lives of Innsbrooke High’s finest. With that being said, book two leaves off right where book one ended and answers many of the questions the reader is left to contemplate in book one. Especially considering the ending to book one. I’m not surprised, but my outline for book two is much longer than my outline for book one. I now understand why some books get larger as you add to the series (Harry Potter comes to mind). When all was said and done, I had outlined thirteen pages of action-packed OMGs and WTFs. The first four pages are the result of random brainstorming. What follows is my outline-of-awesomeness.

DLS BS outline

I’m not going to start writing this quite yet, but at least now, I know where I’m going.

Tagline: Some secrets take you to the grave.

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