Dead Ever After– Is Parting Such Sweet Sorrow?


This book marks the end of the journey for Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Novels AKA The Southern Vampire Mysteries that HBO’s True Blood is based. There are quite a few novels and I’ve read them all – many of them more than once to revisit the characters in between the show’s hiatus, but there are only so many things poor Sookie can go through before the story line becomes redundant.

I will not give the story line away – I will however, tell you that I was completely let down. Charlaine Harris posted on her Facebook that this is the ending she has thought about since book 2, but it’s not an ending she prepared her readers for. Based on the previous 13 books (including the Sookie Stackhouse Companion), this book was a slap in the face.

I felt emotionally drained at the end of the novel because my blood boiled so much. I felt betrayed because the story line was null. Out of the 300+ pages, I noticed in the last two books Harris wrote, most of it was filler. She would say, “I washed my hands,” and spent pages explaining how Sookie would cook dinner and clean her house – providing no information that moved the story along and gave me an opportunity to put the book down or skip paragraphs because nothing was learned. If the stupid filler was eliminated, each book would have probably been 120 pages. Another thing that bothered me is that Harris spent the novel TELLING us everything instead of SHOWING us what was going on. The icing on the cake was that she wrote almost every page in passive tense. The gif below sums up my feelings 100% as I finished.


What’s sad is Harris created this amazing world for us in Bon Temps, LA where supernaturals exist and Sookie Stackhouse was kicking ass. Married by vampire standards, Sookie had quite an exotic life to look forward to, however with the end of the last book, I knew things weren’t going to go as planned. I had hope that Harris wouldn’t let her readers down like that, but in the end, she did just that.


As shown above, the inside of the book lets you know all of Sookie’s loves (both past and present) will make an appearance. To me, the entire book felt forced. She tried to end the series by tying up her loose ends and giving us details on each of the characters (there are a lot because she has a tendency to introduce way too many new ones in each novel) even though for some, we honestly don’t care. After I finished this novel, I found out this really isn’t the end – Harris has found another way to squeeze more money out of her adoring Sookie fans by releasing a novella, After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse, due to be released October 29, 2013. I’m guessing it’s the epilogue, where I hope beyond hope the ending changes for Sookie. Eternal optimist, I know because this ending just SUCKED. I’ve already pre-ordered this book hoping to see a better ending – I’m sure I won’t get it.

I was very surprised to read in an EW interview that Harris created the supernatural story of the Fae for Sookie because she was bored. Quite honestly, I hated that story line b/c it took away from Sookie and the whole reason for her story – dating vampires.

Bottom line: Should YOU read this? I say yes if you are a devoted Sookie Stackhouse fan. If you aren’t really that into the series, then don’t waste your time – check the reviews on Good Reads, they are HILARIOUS and filled with sardonic humor of bitter devoted fans. I have yet to talk to one person that liked the ending. If you read it, share your thoughts!

Goodbye Sookie, I’m going to choose to remember you as you were in your earlier books and not how your creator left you because you deserve better.

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