Crest Professional White Strips

Crest Professional White Strips

I’ve tried professional whitening kits you get from the dentist and do at home. I’ve tried the whitening stations they have in the mall. I’ve paid over a hundred dollars for the fast whitening that is “guaranteed” to whiten my teeth.

All of that is a waste after the discovery I made thanks to my local Target.


Thanks to the endcap by my Target pharmacy, I was lured to the Crest 3D White system. I’d used the whitening strips before and they didn’t work for me at all. I’ve always used whitening toothpaste because of my love for coffee and tea, but the new packaging sucked me in.

First, I bought the toothpaste and the mouth wash. I didn’t buy the actual strips because I didn’t like the pre-packaged kit they had put together. Again, I was going on my prior experience of the white strips being worthless and slipping all over my teeth.

Almost immediately, I noticed my teeth feeling much cleaner than before and the mouth wash felt much lighter and foamier than any mouth wash I’d ever used. About three days later, I was back in Target (yes, I know I have issues!) and I checked out the whitening strips again. There was a variety of Crest White Strips to choose from and eventually, I chose the Professional White Strips with Advanced Seal.

Below is a demonstration of my use of the white strips. I bought the strongest version of the strips for approximately $49.99 USD. Considering how much I spent before, I was willing to spend this much to try something new.

Before White Strips


My teeth had a yellow tinge to them, primarily from my over use of soda, coffee, and tea.


The strips come in packets that include top and bottom. I immediately noticed the strips were thicker than the previous one’s I’d purchased.


Apply top strip. Felt like applying glue to my teeth. Once the strip adhered to my teeth – it was there to stay. No slipping around.


Apply bottom strips. Fold over teeth just as you did on top strip.


Go about your normal scheduled programming for 30 minutes or so. You have to really work to peel the strips off when time has passed. This is a huge improvement over the kind I used in the past.

Less Than 20 Uses Later:


Not too shabby. I wear lipsticks now that I’d never wear before. I plan on doing another month worth of strips in mid-April. I felt a little discomfort for a day or two and after that, I was fine.

Let me know what you use to whiten your teeth or if you use this brand as well.

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Hometown Glory” by Adele

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  1. The whitening strip is one of the easiest way to whiten your teeth. It's pretty effective as well.

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