emerginC Lavender Toner


Do you have sensitive skin? How about oily? Combination? What about dry? Obviously, you have to fall into one of those categories and seeing that you do, the emerginC lavender toner is perfect for you.


Who Can Use It? 

It IS especially ideal for sensitive skin because of the mild all-natural ingredients used to soothe and calm or acne prone skin. 

Why Use It? 

Use it to restore your skin’s pH levels, while preventing loss of moisture and excessive bacterial growth.  


What’s Inside It? 

Lavender – Skincare products use lavender as trusted ingredient because of it’s history with healing. Knowing for calming and soothing skin, it also contains anti-allergenic properties. Thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory abilities, lavender is often used to treat sensitive or damaged skin. 

Green Tea – As well a being an anti-inflammatory, green tea is also an effective anti-bacterial agent. 

Other natural ingredients include: cornflower, chamomile, balm mint, calendula, azulene, magnolia, and witch hazel


Review Recap: 

  • Price: $29 USD
  • Availability: Found in leading spas Miraval (Tucson, AZ), Qua (Caesars Palace LV), The Spa at Wynn (Las Vegas), Carneros Inn & Spa (Napa Valley), and emerginc.com
  •  Selection: One size, 240 mL pump bottle.
  • Overall: This toner does everything it claims, if not more. It smells amazing, does not bother your skin, and even helps calm you at night to the point where you are eager to fall asleep.The only downside is that you can’t purchase it from your normal cosmetic center, making it a bit harder to find for those that may not purchase online.
  • Rating: A-



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Eylure Naturalites & Katy Perry ‘s Newest Lashes

This summer Eylure released additional lashes to their ever popular Katy Perry and Naturalites collections. Both new releases are designed with all levels of eyelash users in mind and for any occasion.

Eylure’s Got You Covered!




Eylure will incorporate four new styles into the Naturalites family including the Super Full 011, 032 and 083 and the Natural Volume 035.


NATURALITES 035 have the natural volume that offer a a subtly full look. A similar, but lighter version of the popular 080 lash style. Perfect for everyday, whether you are going to school or to work. Wear alone or with a full look, these lashes look great all the time.



NATURALITES 032 is a superfine lash in the style of the most natural looking lash, the 020. Perfect for someone that wants to add a little bit to their lashes, but doesn’t want the lashes to appear fake. The lashes are lightweight and provide the added flair your look might need, whether simple or complex.

Eylure Naturalite lashes all come with a tube of glue formulated to give you the strongest possible hold for your lashes. With proper maintenance, these lashes can be used repeatedly.

Rating: A+

Katy Perry

Hand-picked personally by Katy, the new styles join the ever-so-popular Katy Perry by Eylure collection. The Pretty and Darling designs are self-adhesive allowing for instant application and can be re-applied for multiple wears. These are the perfect lashes for first-time wearers and will encourage those interested in lashes, but who are unsure about look or application.




“Like many others, the first time I tried to apply false lashes, it was a struggle. The trimming, the glue, the application – all of it can seem intimidating,” says Katy Perry. “I wanted to create a simpler, more stress-free way of highlighting your natural beauty. So now, my new styles are self-adhesive and not overwhelming to those who are trying for the first time. The styles are a natural variation from my first collection, with a style to suit those wanting a subtle look, as well as one that packs a little more punch! Both lashes will suit all eye types for those on-the-go girls!”

These lashes come with an extra strip of adhesive to increase the number of uses you can get out of them. Absolutely perfect for traveling so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying a tube of glue that could break and make a mess. Speaking from experience, I could have used these lashes when I flew this past  year. They only come in two styles right now, both of which seem to be going towards the more natural styles. I love to have long, full lashes and would have liked to see more of a variety come out with the self-adhesive strips.

Rating: A-

Review Recap:

Price: Naturalites $5.99 USD /Katy Perry $6.99 USD

Availability: Naturalites styles are available in ULTA stores nationwide and via ULTA.com. Sold at Ulta and various drugstores that sell fine lashes. Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure are available at ULTA Beauty, CVS, and Claire’s Boutique.

Selection: Two lash styles from the Katy Perry line and four additions to the Naturalites line

Overall: The new Katy Perry lashes offer a first time user the ability to feel comfortable in them before venturing into something more bold and daring. The Naturalites provide volume without making you feel like you should walk the catwalk. It would have been nice to see some of the other lash styles available with the self-adhesive backings, but these lashes are worth every penny.

Rating: A



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Miracle Skin Transformer: Complete Starter Beauty Transformation System

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to make a product better than what was already available, Miracle Skin Transformer owner Sarah McNamara does just that.

Introducing the Complete Starter Beauty Transformation System


Currently you can find Miracle Skin Transformer at places like Sephora and Nordstrom, but this amazing kit is only available on their website. Included in this kit is the tried and true Treat & Conceal and Face SPF20, as well all the all new HydroActive Cleanser, HydroActive Microderm and a Refining Brush.


The purpose:

To prep and transform your skin into a flawless complexion.


Prep Skin:

Day & Night: Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Cleanser

Refining Brush & HydroActive Cleanser

The hydroactive cleanser gently dissolves dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities from your skin, making it perfect for morning and night use. The product starts out in a whipped texture and transforms into a comforting cream when you begin to blend it against your skin with water. It has been formulated to maintain your skins natural moisture levels while it melts away your makeup. What you end up with is a refreshed face that is not only clean, but soft and hydrated.

Key Ingredients:

The Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Cleanser is infused with the M3 Complex, a powerful botanical antioxidant blend that works hard to fight free radicals. In addition, EcoPhysalis, Manuka Honey, and Vitamins help soothe and soften, for clarified and luminous skin.

Rating: A+


Occasional Usage: Miracle Skin Transformer  Hydroactive Microderm

Refining brush & HydroActive Microderm

The hydroactive microderm combines micro-exfoliants, natural extracts, and high-grade micronized magnesium oxide crystals to smooth, refine, and polish skin’s texture. By gently polishing the skin, dead skin and cells are removed, leaving your skin feeling smooth. Continued use of this can renew your skin by softening and refining the look of your skin and even diminish the visible signs of aging. The product smells amazing, reminding me of Philosophy’s the microdelivery peel.   Owning the product just mentioned, while I like it, I prefer the simplicity (and cost) of this product.

Key Ingredients:

Infused with the M3 Complex, a blend of marine collagen algae, vitamins and antioxidants, allow for increased hydration and more luminous skin.

Rating: A-

The Refining Brush

The Refining Brush is one of the many features of the Starter System and while it is not as complex as the Clarisonic, the two attachments provided (sponge and brush) are easy to attach and simple to clean. Massages the product into your skin while providing the quality cleaning you hoped to achieve. Currently you cannot purchase the brush as a standalone item.


Transform Skin

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face and Treat & Conceal

After you have prepared your face for makeup, the second phase of this system provides you with the Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face and the Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal. Both of these products are hands down a staple in my day-to-day routine and have become Holy Grail items since first use.

Before and After Using Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face & the Treat & Conceal

The Miracle Skin Transformer Face does five jobs in one (hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify, and protect) while the concealer focuses on correcting, covering, and protecting your skin. Both products come in four shades to choose from and contain the same M3 Complex that works to safeguard your skin while making you appear red carpet ready with flawless skin. As you can see in my Before and After pic above, I have some breakouts on my cheeks and dark spots under my eyes. With a small amount of this product (emphasis on small), my face appears flawless and my confidence soars.

Rating: A+ for both products.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]http://agirlnamednat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Aminus1.png[/author_image] [author_info]

Review Recap:

  • Price:$39.95 USD /$40.60 CAD
  • Availability:Kit sold only at www.miracleskintransformer.com, individual products sold at Sephora and other fine beauty establishments.
  • Selection:Four shades on Transformer Face & 4 shades of Treat & Conceal to choose from.
  • Overall: The refining brush is a great tool to use on your face and by purchasing the kit online, you save money instead of buying each item separately in the stores. Some people like to purchase products in person, creating a slight disadvantage for that population. The brush is not sold individually.
  • Rating: A-

[/author_info] [/author]



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bye. bye. frizz.

This year, I decided to let my hair grow. I am very excited I did this because I love my hair long. However, one comment every stylist that has ever touched my hair has been, “WOW! Your hair is so thick!” My response is always the same: I laugh and nod and say, “I know.”

Having thick hair has major advantages, but one disadvantage is that when humidity is high, I resemble a fluffy puppy dog instead of a person! Luckily, I found a line that gets rid of this problem for me.

 bye bye frizz

“Clients love it when they leave the salon with a perfectly smooth sleek finish. We know they’d like to get that frizz-free look every day. bye.bye.Frizz is a frizzy girls dream since it not only removes frizz, it makes your hair so much easier to blow out and style. Plus, your hair will never feel softer or look shinier. Like we said… it’s a frizzy girls dream.”
– Marc Anthony Stylist Team

This entire line is available at your nearest ULTA (we are FINALLY getting one where I live now!) or your local drugstore. I’ve spent top dollar looking for hair products that will smooth out my thick mane only to discover the Marc Anthony line has exactly what I’m looking for and it won’t cost an arm, leg, or your first born child.

Not only did I use the shampoo and conditioner religiously, my daughter (her hair is thick and definitely as frizzy as mine) also used it. The smell is divine and it actually does what it says it’s going to do. Throw in the bonus of keratin being added to your hair – it’s a win win to use this line. The conditioner is perfect for detangling while the shampoo gives your hair a beautiful glossy shine.

If you’re hair isn’t frizzy, then smile because you are LUCKY! Have no fear, Marc Anthony offers a large variety of hair care products for every hair type. Stay tuned for more.

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Sleep Away the Frownies


Who would have guessed that smiling had it’s downside: laugh lines and wrinkles. But, there’s a product out there that allows you to turn your frown upside down. It’s called FROWNIES and it protects, repairs, and postpones the signs of aging.


If smiling and laughing because I am a happy person is considered bad, then so be it – the price of years of smiling/laughing constantly has given me lines on my forehead that never seem to go away, along with lines at the outer corner of my eye. However, after trying the Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Patches, I have hope. Hope that my laugh lines don’t have to be as prominent as they are now. Hope that this product that I wear while sleeping will actually retrain my facial muscles to lie smooth and flat. Hope that with repeated use, I will remain looking younger and feeling ready to take over the world.


Part of my confidence is inspired by how pretty I feel at that moment. Follow the thinking and this product can inspire confidence. It’s much cheaper than Botox and pain free. If you have lines you are insecure about or simply want to prevent them from rearing their ugly head, take two of these and message me in the morning!


Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent to natashaneagle.com for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.


Let Nature Bee Your Moisturizer

Before the days of drugstores and makeup counters, people had to rely on Mother Nature to take care of their skin’s needs. Medicine Mama Apothecary still relies on nature to to create an organic line of skincare products safe for even the finest baby bottom.



Kiss dry skin good bye with this line of creams and balms that channel the magic honey bees use to nourish the Queen and keep the hive healthy and alive.

The Bee Magic Wand is $12.95 USD value of travel sized skin perfection.  The owner, Donna Steinman, perfected and expanded upon her formula of Sweet Bee Magic by adding organic beeswax and vitamin-rich avocado oil. BEE MAGIG WAND was born as an all-purpose healing wand that you can take on the go. I’ve already used it for my wind-damaged chapped lips, but this product has many uses – making it very valuable.


The following uses have been suggested for the BEE MAGIC WAND:

    • Chapped Lip Remedy
    • Shaving Burn Care
    • Daily Moisturizer
    • Overnight Skin Nutrition
    • Cold Sore Relief
    • Cut Scrape & Bite Relief
    • After-sun Support
    • Rash, Burn & Scar Repair

This is now a staple in my travel bag. It can double as a moisturizer for my entire body and a lip balm as needed. Consider adding it to your beach bag or first-aid kit as it can be used to treat burns and scrapes as well.

Thank You Mother Nature & Thank You Medicine Mama’s Apothecary for creating and manipulating natural products to protect our bodies.

Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent to natashaneagle.com for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.



Let MANNA Erase Your Flaws

Imagine for a moment, the soft and supple feel of honey gliding across your skin. As you cover your face, you know all pores and fine lines are being erased. Now imagine a product that does this for you – MANNA’s CAMERA READY primer ($42 USD).


On the left, you see tired and worn out eyes; puffy skin and dark circles (in all fairness, I was dealing with a death in the family when I snapped these photo’s). On the right, you see refreshed and glowing skin and all of it is thanks to the MANNA makeup line.


This particular look was achieved using the MANNA Camera Ready AND a light application of the MANNA Sheer Glow ($29 USD) to the areas I would typically highlight with a light shimmery powder.

According to MANNA, Camera Ready is:

…an essential makeup base that gives a matte, silky smooth finish that will keep your makeup in place ALL day.  As a bonus, Camera Ready smoothes skin texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines & pores.

According to MANNA, Sheer Glow is:

…an incandescent liquid that lights up skin with all over radiance.  Mix with foundation or wear alone to provide a luminous glow for all skin types.  This is an especially amazing product for mature/dry skin that provides a youthful glow and dewy finish.  Use on face and/or body and get glowing!


Both of these products can be used alone or combined to create the perfectly glowing, matte face. Very similar to Smashbox Photo Finish, it’s a few dollars cheaper and provides phenomenal coverage, allowing you to look picture perfect all day, everyday. I was very pleased with these results and once my product runs out, I will more than likely be looking to buy more.

Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.




Keranique: Get Fuller Hair

Even though most of what we hear about thinning hair and baldness is from males, women actually make up 40% of the American hair loss sufferers. Not to mention, the baldness gene is a sex-linked trait passed along the X-chromosome from generation to generation. Men have the pleasure of blaming mom’s for their baldness, whereas women have to inherit two X-chromosomes and both have to hold the baldness gene for a woman to express the recessive condition.

Now that the genetics lesson is over, let’s discuss some ways to counteract the effects of thinning and balding hair. We all know the tricks – sometimes they work – most of the time they don’t.

Whether we are blowing our hair upside down, using HUGE curlers, applying raw egg and beer to our hair, or harsh chemicals, women all want the same thing: FULL HAIR.

If your genes have caused your hair to thin out, you might want to consider the full Keranique line. One of the great things genetics has left me with is a full head of hair, however, no matter how thick it is, there are definitely times where it appears lifeless and flat.

If you are like me, then I would recommend trying the Keranique Fortifying Mousse ($20 USD). It makes your hair smooth, easier to brush, and full of volume. Applied to towel dried hair before you apply heat (blow dry, curling iron, or flat iron), my hair felt amazing afterwards. It’s specially formulated to it won’t make your hair feel stiff once the body is added.

A perfect product for someone trying to add volume to their hair or needing extra volume for a special occasion. You can purchase these products either from the Keranique website or HSN.

What do you currently do to add volume to your hair when it is less than perfect?

Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.


Katy Perry Eylure

Something I have always admired about Katy Perry is her fearless use of dramatic colors and lashes. She has always had gorgeous colored hair, be it blue, pink, or black. I already fell in love with eylure lashes, but when I found out they teamed up with Katy Perry, I knew I couldn’t wait to try them.

While on vacation in ATL, I ended up going to an ULTA and picking up the Oh, Honey lashes even though I knew a set of lashes were on the way from one of the PR firms I work with. I wore them the rest of the trip and I absolutely love them. They are perfect for everyday use – less dramatic than say the Oh My! lashes or the Cool Kitty lashes. Inside the box is a cute little oval sticker in the same font as the name on the box – Sweetie Pie, Oh, Honey!, etc. Free advertising for any student’s notebook, laptop, etc. Very smart marketing!


They are available at Ulta for an additional $1 over regular eylure lashes ($6.99 USD). I am sure that is to pay for the Katy Perry adverts, but in reality an unnecessary cost (and the only thing I could find to hold against the product).

I love this brand and I will definitely use them over and over and over. I hope you take a try at these lashes – if you get some, tell me in the comments, which one’s you would try. I love them and have started wearing them to work on a daily basis.


Disclaimer: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.

Tricks For Perfect Eye Makeup: Shadow Shields

Once upon a time in a magical place where unicorns make rainbows, Michelle Villanueva was hard at work coming up with an invention that would revolutionize the makeup industry. As the sole founder and CEO of this OMG-it-makes-so-much-sense-how-did-I-not-think-of-that?! product, she found a way for even the best makeup artists to save time in the creation of their look.

Michelle came up with SHADOW SHIELDS.



Shadow Shields do exactly what the name implies – they shield your face from getting fallout all over the lower lid/lash line area. If you are new to the world of makeup, I would suggest running to your nearest Sephora or wherever they are sold (check the site above to verify locations) and stock pile them like they were gallons of water and you were preparing a fallout shelter.

Even the most seasoned of artists turn to these, using them in the creation of their fancy smoky eye at a variety of celebrity-infested events. Three small pieces of adhesive stand between you and the perfect eye makeup. Pull off the end pieces or go ahead and take all three off for a little extra staying power. This works so much better than a piece of tape or wasting beauty powder to protect you from fallout. I like to apply them, do my makeup, add my eyeliner, and then dispose of them – all the while creating the sharpest corners of my liner EVER!

NOTE: When you apply the product under your lower lash line, try to make it as close to the lash as possible. It will feel awkward at first, but before the first eye is complete, you will have forgotten they are there.

This saves time when you have to knock out 10 smokey eye looks and have very little time before a big event. This even works perfectly if you are a n00b, trying to figure out the ins and out of the makeup world, giving you the confidence you need to look amazing. I don’t know how I ever survived without them.


Disclaimer: This review contains a sample product sent to natashaneagle.com for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested. 


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