bye. bye. frizz.

bye. bye. frizz.

This year, I decided to let my hair grow. I am very excited I did this because I love my hair long. However, one comment every stylist that has ever touched my hair has been, “WOW! Your hair is so thick!” My response is always the same: I laugh and nod and say, “I know.”

Having thick hair has major advantages, but one disadvantage is that when humidity is high, I resemble a fluffy puppy dog instead of a person! Luckily, I found a line that gets rid of this problem for me.

 bye bye frizz

“Clients love it when they leave the salon with a perfectly smooth sleek finish. We know they’d like to get that frizz-free look every day. bye.bye.Frizz is a frizzy girls dream since it not only removes frizz, it makes your hair so much easier to blow out and style. Plus, your hair will never feel softer or look shinier. Like we said… it’s a frizzy girls dream.”
– Marc Anthony Stylist Team

This entire line is available at your nearest ULTA (we are FINALLY getting one where I live now!) or your local drugstore. I’ve spent top dollar looking for hair products that will smooth out my thick mane only to discover the Marc Anthony line has exactly what I’m looking for and it won’t cost an arm, leg, or your first born child.

Not only did I use the shampoo and conditioner religiously, my daughter (her hair is thick and definitely as frizzy as mine) also used it. The smell is divine and it actually does what it says it’s going to do. Throw in the bonus of keratin being added to your hair – it’s a win win to use this line. The conditioner is perfect for detangling while the shampoo gives your hair a beautiful glossy shine.

If you’re hair isn’t frizzy, then smile because you are LUCKY! Have no fear, Marc Anthony offers a large variety of hair care products for every hair type. Stay tuned for more.

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