The Time Traveler’s Wife

A new rule I am determined to follow…
…I mean NEVER…
watch the movie before you read the book (if you plan on reading the book).
This book is a first for Audrey Niffenegger, and a very good read. Right away you are thrown into two different characters perspectives and the way she distinguishes them for you is easy to follow. You are given dates and ages of Henry and Clare. You can also tell who is talking most of the time by the way Ms. Niffenegger writes.
The only thing I did not like about this novel is that when there was not a lot of conversation going on, I felt like the words were rushed and almost run-onish. This could have been me as well as most of the time I just wanted to turn the next page and find out more about the relationship that had defied the cosmos as seen with Clare and Henry. The novel discusses a lot of interesting topics such as love, fertility, as well as various trials and tribulations that accompany most romances. You see that through out all of the mess that Henry has to go through, he was put on Earth to exist for Clare.
I felt a plethora of emotions as I read this book. I am very happy to say that I cried. I got happy. I got depressed. When I finally read the last few chapters I was bawling. I had knots in my stomach. I knew what to expect from the beginning because I cheated and watched the movie, however, reading it made it worse. The feelings of overwhelming sadness were amplified as I completed each line on the page to read the end of the book.
Speaking of the movie, I loved it. It ripped a huge hole through my heart, but I still loved it. Enough to watch it again and again. When a movie and/or book evoke emotions as strong as this novel did for me, something magical has happened.
There are very minor changes from the book to the movie. The screenplay was very tightly adapted to the novel with a few minor cutbacks and details changed to make what the audience wants. I liked the ending of the novel better than the movie. It seemed to go more with Henry and who he was compared to how the movie ended and what happened to him. So much detail was missed – events that as an avid book reader – I wish they had included.
Overall both movie and book are amazing. If you don’t own it  – get it. Be prepared to be in tears by the end. If you are going through a lot of drama of your own with your love life, you could take a note from Clare and Henry and see their issues. Obviously this is just a book and not real life – if it were I would so time travel back to my youth and give myself an ear full – but I think all books teach us something.
This one taught me love knows no time.

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