Blind Speed Dating Contest

Blind Speed Dating Contest

January brought us PitchWars and Sun Versus Snow. Now it’s time to search for a new literary contest. Enter the BLIND SPEED DATING CONTEST hosted by Cupid’s Literary Connection. Here’s another chance to impress some agents with your query and so-polished-you-need-sunglasses-to-read-first 250.


The rules are straight forward and broken down for you on the site. I’m formatting my entry now. This contest will cost you $10 USD payable via paypal.

Here are the juicy deets:


January 27th at 10:00 AM EST – Submission window opens
February 12th – winners of Bouncer round emailed
February 13th/14th – selected entries posted for agent round
February 17th-20th – agent round
February 21st – Winners announced, identities revealed

EMAIL: cupidslitconnection(at)yahoo(dot)com.
EMAIL SUBJECT: TITLE – Your Name (In case they need to go back and find your email!)

FORMATTING IS CRUCIAL:  Be sure you bold, where it’s bolded.
They even provide an example entry. Yep, it’s that easy.

Title: NAME OF YOUR BOOK (Yes, CAPS there!!!)
Genre: Genre of your book
Word Count: xx,xxx (to the nearest thousand please)

Your query formatted correctly. (see guidelines) DO NOT include genre/word count again!

First 250:

Your first 250 formatted correctly. (see guidelines)



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