Are All Shavers Created Equal?

Disclaimer: In my blogging absence, I asked myself what would be something worth while to blog about when I decided to blog again. I realized I have many products in my bathroom and vanity that I use all the time, even before I discovered the beauty community of the online world. I am going to use talk about those products for awhile, simply because they are products I have used for ages and I feel they are amazing. Why not share with the rest of you something I find amazing? Right!

Now that the warm weather is here for those of us that reside in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time for us ladies (that choose to anyway), to make sure our legs are in sexy, smooth form. There are many methods to achieving smooth, hairless legs (and other body areas if that’s your preference) such as waxing, epilation, laser removal, or simply shaving. Having tried a few of the above, I choose to stick with the most simplistic of methods: shaving.

Over the many many years I have been shaving my legs (I started in middle school), I have acquired many cuts, rashes, bumps, etc from trying to shave quickly using soap, lotions, gels, creams. For at least the past nine years, I have used one brand of shaver and have found many of the symptoms that come along with shaving your legs, armpits, arms, wherever you choose to shave in a rush or with crappy devices have disappeared.

Who would have guessed my local drugstore, Target, Wal*Mart, or even grocery store would have one of the most amazing razors around? For less than $10 I have purchased a razor that moisturizes my legs and treats them with care as I carelessly (and sometimes haphazardly) run the multiple sharp blades across my skin. I am talking about the Schick Intuition Shavers (see side picture for view).

The trick to this product is that the razor blade is surrounded by it’s own moisturizing “soap” product. Once your desired body part is wet and the razor is wet, you can remove the hair quickly, without nicking your skin. The only thing left behind is silky smoothness all of us desire. The initial shaver comes with a refill, but the best part is you can buy refills separately. I wouldn’t call this truly a disposable shaver, nor would I consider this to be the quality of the expensive shavers you buy in the electronics section (electric, rechargeable, etc.). To me this is a quasi-disposable shaver. I have bought new units over the years, but not as frequently as you would think. They are plastic and hold up well.

The biggest downside to these shavers is that you need to store them somewhere that keeps them away from water. I have learned through trial and error, when water hits the shaver, and it’s not being used, the “soap” melts away. I also discovered the bottom portion of the soap disappears before the top, making it more difficult to shave after a few weeks. There are ways to use your “soap” all the way down to the rim towards the end. Even with this drawback, I love this shaver b/c each cartridge lasts a few weeks, there are a variety of cartridges for all skin types, and now even different scents (Milk & Honey, Cucumber Melon, etc) for those that like shave gels for their scents.

So if you are looking for something to rid you of unwanted hairs, give this shaver a go. Hopefully, you will like it as much as I do. I have had next to no cuts or razor burn episodes from it, which awards it bonus points in my eyes!


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