Admission: Movie Review

I love both Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, so when Olympus Has Fallen was sold out, this movie was an easy choice. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see this to begin with, but was hoping to catch the other movie first due to my mood. ADMISSION-Poster

For starters let me just say that the trailer’s we’ve seen in the theaters completely twists this movie. What you think is the main movie plot ISN’T. In no way is that a bad thing, but needless to say, I was surprised when I found out the real depth of the story. Obviously, I haven’t read the book.

This movie comes complete with a star-studded cast, each of which bringing a level of perfection to their characters that are somehow capable of strumming different emotional nerves throughout the movie.

In this movie you will get a romance, love, comedy, drama, and many life lessons. I enjoyed the way Hollywood pointed out how big Ivy League schools, such as Princeton (where Tina Fey’s character Portia is an admissions officer), only VISIT the private and prep schools to FIND their prospects. It shows how truly skewed the everyday above-average public school students chances are of getting admitted.

I won’t lie – there was a moment when I thought I was going to cry. The circumstances that we see Portia placed in over the course of the movie not only require her to evaluate her straight-laced ways, they make her rethink all of her life decisions from as far back as college. As many students as Portia denies admission becomes almost symbolic for what she denies herself…which is a lot.

If you have two hours to kill one day, I’d say give this movie a shot. If you aren’t sure it’s something you want to see, then go see a matinee – you’ll get your money’s worth. It’s not your typical romcom – if you haven’t read the book like me, you’re in for a real treat.

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