76K. YA Fantasy

When seventeen-year-old Emma finds herself trapped in 1863 Virginia during the Civil War, she must choose between the life she knows and the soldier who has her heart.

When Emma Page’s elite NYC gifted school embarks on a museum field trip, she’s more interested in getting asked to formal than working on her senior project. But she gets fully immersed in her research when she is hurled into the past, landing in 1863 Northern Virginia at a makeshift hospital for Union soldiers during the Civil War. Mistaken as a nurse, Emma bonds with a young soldier, Henry Johnson, when she saves him from an otherwise fatal injury.

Having paid minimal attention in History class and realizing she’s not going home anytime soon, Emma tries to blend in, but fails repeatedly, putting herself in dangerous situations. Like when her progressive opinions attract the unwanted attention of other soldiers or she acts on her growing feelings for Henry. As the winter thaws into spring and the Union and Confederates prepare to resume fighting, a way back to her time presents itself. Emma must choose between the life she knows and the soldier who has her heart. One choice leads to college. The other will rewrite history.

A MILLION STARS TO WITNESS is a standalone YA Fantasy complete at 76,000 words with series potential. Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series and Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger Series will enjoy A MILLION STARS TO WITNESS.