A Good Day to Die Hard: Or Is It?

A Good Day to Die Hard: Or Is It?

Ever since the Die Hard series began, I have been a fan. However, for one reason or another, I’d never made it to the theater to see one…until now.

I don’t know why, but I think the movie I had in my head was not as good as the one that was in the theater. With every Die Hard movie you can expect action, explosions, and lots and lots of bad guys. In that aspect, the movie delivered. Thanks to this movie franchise, we have come to expect Bruce Willis as the fiesty and highly offensive John McClane. Maybe it’s because he’s much older now, but his character was too tame for this NY officer.

Set in Russia, the weapons, the locations, and the conspiracies are spot on. If you are an action movie nut, then you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t surprised to see that John had an estranged relationship with his son, since he had a bad one with his daughter in the 4th installment. If the plan was to set up his son Jack to take over the McClane crime-fighting with attitude role, they did a good job. However, they should have allowed John to maintain his Yippee Ki-Yay Mother F***ker attitude and not the dry humor he presented in this installment. Granted, he said those infamous words, but to me, his character just seemed done.

I enjoyed the movie, but like I said, not as much as I wanted to. The acting was decent for an action movie and the fight scenes were awesome, but the plot was beyond predictable, giving me time to allow my mind to wander and still allow me to figure out the ending before it happened.

If you’ve seen it, let me know your thoughts. I will probably buy it on Blu-Ray when it comes out all the same because I need to keep my Die Hard collection complete!

2 thoughts on “A Good Day to Die Hard: Or Is It?

  1. I remember when John McClane was just a human and we connected with him, man to man, man to woman and man to child. All of that is lost and given in hopes to a yelling, annoying John McClane that is almost like a superhero nowadays. Nice review.

    1. That is so very true. When the movie originally came out, he was a hot-tempered cop that dealt with regular people. Something terrible happened and he stepped up to help because his wife was involved. That quickly turned into what we saw in this last movie.

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